Splatter Room

 You can splatter on a date, for a party, or just for fun!
We provide protective gear such as goggles, shower caps, booties and robes or coveralls for the Splatter Room. Plan to remove your shoes and socks and paint barefoot in booties. Paint is washable but we highly recommend wearing clothes guests don’t care about, just in case. Also, plan for transporting a wet canvas. Your masterpiece won’t be dry for at least 24 hours.  Choose your Experience!
While covered from head to toe in protective clothing, customers at the Splatter Room create unexpected masterpieces. Perfection is not the key here; rather, messy creativity is celebrated.
We opened the ‘Splatter Room’ to allow customers to let out their inner creativity.
The Splatter Room can be a space to help bring people together.
“The Splatter Room gives people the opportunity to go in, unplug, and really enjoy each other.
A feeling of community is the essence behind the Splatter Room. families, couples, friends have entered the space to unwind and have a good time!
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